i'm amanda 

 I'm a dynamic portrait and pet photographer for beach locals who see the big in the small and find comfort in simplicity. I am super dog friendly and well trained in receiving sloppy kisses from my four legged friends! 

  Here's what I am into: Patriots football, family time, beach days, Arnold Palmers, everything cacti, and teal! 

  I love to photograph all the things, but my all time favorite sessions to photograph are couples, pets and babies. 

  Through my photography, I found a way to capture the moments of our everyday- documenting the family time, encapsulating the loving relationships of pets and freezing those belly laughs as they happen- making them last forever. My "why" is simple: creating lasting memories of those "together" moments brings comfort to my soul! It brings me joy to witness those perfectly imperfect moments and I would be delighted to photograph your day!

more about me

Photography for the down to earth, fun lovin' type! I am here to document your "happy" while you enjoy the moment! 


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